Enthralled To The Words Of Kabir

21 Jan

“True religion is about the goodness of others, kindness is religion,” said Kabir scholar Linda Hess, Senior Lecturer Stanford University, interacting with the audience at Mumbai University. While folk singer Prahlad Tipaniya said, “Be light, because heavy things like iron drown. And even if you have to become heavy, become heavy like butter that floats.”

Prahlad Tipaniya enthralled the audience later with his surreal rendition of Kabir. Audience and singer merged in the devotion of the ‘nirgun’ (formless) god that Kabir sang about in his life.

Linda Hess and Prahlad Tipaniya at Mumbai University

Prahlad Tipayniya

Prahlad Tipayniya enthralled by Kabir, enthralls the audience

In The name of the 'nirguna' lord...

Prahlad Tipaniya with his group.

All Photos by Satyen K. Bordoloi


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