Kabir At Sophia College

21 Jan
The myth goes that the 15th Century poet Kabir tossed his toothbrush (a meswak twig) in the water of Narmada river, which sprouted into a giant banyan tree standing tall to this day in Bharuch, Gujarat. “I visited the legendary Kabir Tree,” a gleeful member of the audience says as crowds start pouring in at the first Kabir Festival held in Mumbai, Sophia College grounds. Intellectuals, Poetry, music and dance aficionados, and an enthusiastic young college crowd are gathered under the grace of Saint Kabir. Another young volunteer, a Sophia’s college student states, “I’m so excited to have Shabnam Virmani here”. 

Shabnam Virmani’s life was transformed after the Godhra riots when this artist and film maker turned to Kabir for answers spoke at the event, “I thank everyone for organising this amazingly diverse event, but it is really Kabir who’s organised this event”. She is now the godchild of Kabir as her research films and music is dedicated to the man in question.

Jeroo Mulla, the head of department of Social Communications Media at Sophia Polytechnic and Priti Turakhia, the woman bringing about this charming event in Mumbai welcomed the crowds and briefed in on the day’s events. A rock band jamming up to a rock gig in the memory of Kabir and IPTA, young theatre professionals are only some of the features of what lies ahead. Also watch out Kabir in Jazz, Rap and Rock later in the day. Get ready to rock Saint Kabir has taken the stage.

– Bhavita Bhatia


2 Responses to “Kabir At Sophia College”

  1. zubin January 21, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    This is a great way of showing how greay saint kabir was.

  2. Judith January 22, 2011 at 3:03 am #

    Its really awesome to have this in Mumbai. I am not very familiar with At Kabir’ poems but will be looking at this blog to see how new artist follow in his steps and recreate his words and their meaning.

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