Main Events Go Live Today

21 Jan

The main events of the Kabir festival goes live today. Searing poetry, scintillating music, magical movies, mesmerizing dance performances and eclectic discussions all get way today at different venues in town. Hope you are there to breathe in the scent from the beautiful rose of love and compassion that is Kabir.

You can check out the events here:

We start off with a few lines by Kabir, put across Mumbai University.

I live in a county where there's no sky or earth, going body beyond bodies i meet the word.

Within the heart a mirror, but no face shows, you'll see the face, when the heart's doubleness goes.

Kabir's house is on a peak, the path is treacherous, an ants foot slips there, so man why load your bullock

Lakes, trees, saints and clouds that rain, For the supreme truth these four took form.

This human birth, is precious gem, You won't get it again, my friend.


– Photos by Satyen K. Bordoloi


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