Soulful Savourings of a Fellow Saint

21 Jan

A deity-like sage that one can envision in great paintings of war and freedom, and music and love lay seated upon Kabir’s platform and elevated the crowds to an  addictive ‘nasha’. Shabnam Virmani belted out a confluence of a musical jam – one of ideas of freedom, educational development, while quietly strumming along on her love-stained tambura.

“Borders dissolve between singer and listener, between self and God  – and as we go home can this elevation spill out into an all-knowing awareness to those that surround us?” she pleas to the audience gripped by the trance she has induced.

An adolescent in the hall rose and shared with us “Dil ko choon gayi, mukti ka ehsaas hua aaj” (touched the heart, felt a sense of freedom) sharing her own poem she penned down, as inspired by Kabir. And perhaps, Kabir heard her too…

Shabnam Virmani and her love-stained tambura. “Make a change in the way Kabir is taught in schools..” the songster almost woos the teaching fraternity present at the festival.

Parts of audiences join her as she willingly takes them under her wing...the disciples of a Kabir disciple.

As she sings, you feel the pain, the aching love, the mysterious beauty, the joy in her voice... as she sings for her Saint Kabir...

– Bhavita Bhatia (Photos by Tara Bhatnagar)


One Response to “Soulful Savourings of a Fellow Saint”

  1. Bhaskar Thakur January 22, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

    Hats off to this lady for doing this “Humanitarian” work of bringing back Saint Kabir amidst us all, to let us all relive those words of this great saint.

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