Kabir By The Sea

24 Dec

The morning is the time for contemplation, for that regular cleansing of the body and soul that keep us free of disease. Sadly while we keep out body clean with water, we neglect our minds. The Kabir festival gave those interested the chance to be bathed in the cleansing water of Kabirs poems.

As in the true festival tradition, these rockstars will make the mandli at the Bandra Carter Road promenade on Saturday – 10th January 2015, jam together and herald the first rays of a beautiful morning. There is no mike, no arrangement only an impromptu desire to be soaked in wisdom. And that those gathered did, and so did joggers, passerbys and the morning rays of the sun, all with Kabir by the sea.

Prahlad Tipaniya begins the day with Kabir by the Sea

The first rays of the sun and Kabir

Fellowship of the Kabir brotherhood

Priti Turakhia and Moora Lala

Prahlad Tipaniya and Mukhtiar Ali – Two brothers, bonding by music and Kabir

Kabir A-One, Mukhtiar Ali seems to be singing

Passerbys, joggers et all stopped to join in

All photos by Satyen K. Bordoloi

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